Loegering VTS

Convert your wheeled skidsteer into a tracked machine with a Loegering VTS system!

The patented VTS torsion hub provides both independent and bi-directional suspension.

The Loegering VTS is equipped with steel Bogey wheels, Idler wheels and Tension Rollers which are engineered to minimize de-tracking.

The chassis on VTS is adjustable to fit many makes and models of skid steers (currently over 100). The chassis should be in the proper configuration for your skid steer at the time of purchase and only need adjustment in the event that you need to put your VTS on a different machine.

Loegering VTS tracksCat Loegering VTS

Given that the machines are compatible (similar wheelbase and horsepower) you can take the Loegering VTS off your current machine, reconfigure and bolt on to your new machine.


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